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Representative Jeff Denham

Representing the 10th District of California

Weekly Update from Rep. Denham - January 4, 2013

Jan 4, 2013

Dear Friend,

On Thursday, my colleagues and I were sworn-in to the U.S. House of Representatives for the 113th Congress. It has been an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to serve the Nineteenth District of California in Congress for the last two years, and I greatly look forward to the chance to serve the new Tenth Congressional District. I also want to welcome my new California colleagues who were also sworn-in to the House yesterday. I look forward to working together to find more bipartisan solutions for the Valley as well as for the good of our nation. In addition to my Committee assignments on Agriculture, Transportation and Infrastructure, and Veterans Affairs, I will continue working with colleagues immediately in the new Congress to return our focus to enacting policies that grow the economy and get the national debt under control.

This week I voted with House colleagues to avert the fiscal cliff because our hardworking taxpayers should not be faced with further burdens, especially while families in California continue to struggle. Now that an agreement has been reached to prevent going over the fiscal cliff of tax hikes and drastic spending cuts, we have to overcome our partisan differences and return our focus in the coming year. Enacting serious entitlement reform and pro-growth tax reforms is the only solution to our country’s debt problem. Until such time, our debt will only continue to paralyze our economy and jeopardize the future prosperity of our nation.

Also included in the fiscal cliff deal was a nine-month Farm Bill extension. As a Central Valley farmer, I understand the unique needs of our agriculture-based economy. For this reason, I supported the extension of programs within the Farm Bill included in the fiscal cliff deal. I will continue to fight for a long-term bill, because a nine-month extension does not go far enough to provide the certainty America’s farmers so desperately need. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the House Agriculture Committee to bring a Valley farmer’s voice to the table when drafting a long-term Farm Bill.

If you are a constituent of the newly drawn Tenth Congressional District, our district office is now open in Modesto. The office is located at 4701 Sisk Road, Suite 202, and the phone number is (209) 579-5458. I encourage you to stop by to meet our district staff and say hello. Whether you need help with a federal agency, would like to order a flag, are requesting tours and tickets for a visit to Washington DC, or are considering applying to a military academy, my office is here to assist you. Specific examples of items my district office can assist with are:

·         Congressional Commendations: Visit the office or fill out an online request to have my office officially recognize the outstanding public achievement of a person who lives in our Congressional district.

·         Help with a Federal Agency: We regularly work with federal agencies for problems with housing, education, immigration, passports, Social Security or veterans' benefits.

·         Internships: Internship opportunities are available in my district and D.C. offices.

·         Military Academy Nominations: We provide information and instruction for people seeking nomination to a US Military Academy.

·         Presidential Greetings: Birthday, wedding and anniversary greetings from the President may be requested through my office.

·         Visit Washington, D.C.: My staff is happy to assist constituents with obtaining tickets for tours of the U.S. Capitol and other Washington, DC attractions.

I have really enjoyed hearing from many of you on my official twitter and facebook pages: both are great ways to keep in touch and discuss solutions to deal with our deficit and debt, rising gas prices, water, transportation, and many other issues affecting the Valley. Please also be sure to follow my activity on my You Tube page where I have highlights from my week.  Also, continue to tell your friends to sign up for this weekly update on my website.

Have a great weekend!