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Representative Jeff Denham

Representing the 10th District of California

Weekly Update from Rep. Denham - October 11, 2013

Oct 11, 2013

Dear Friend,

This week the House passed several bills that would fully fund different sectors of the federal government operations, including the Federal Aviation Administration, Nuclear Weapon Security and Non-Proliferation Functions, Customs and Border Patrol, Coast Guard, Department of Education, Impact Aid, and Head Start among others. I also voted to pass the “Honoring the Families of Fallen Soldiers Act.” My colleagues and I will continue to propose specific funding bills daily and press forward on finding a solution in time to raise the debt ceiling in a fiscally responsible manner so that our government does not default on its loans.

Many of my colleagues met with President Obama this week to discuss prospects on a longer term deal on spending, debt and the future fiscal policy of America. I am hopeful that the President and Senate will sit down at the negotiation table to find a solution that the American people would broadly support. I continue to fight for bipartisan solutions, and I was proud to stand with my colleagues from both sides of the aisle in a “No Labels” press conference this week which encouraged all parties to come to the negotiating table and build a solution to our nation’s crisis through bipartisan problem solving.

Pleased to join No Labels colleagues. We all agree that we have to work together to find common-sense solutions to our nation's problems. 

Despite the government shutdown, I was personally able to lead several families and tour groups on a tour of the U.S. Capitol building. The opportunity to meet with these families was an honor. Shutdown shouldn’t prevent Americans from experiencing the Capitol building, and while many of the museums and DC landmarks are currently closed, I and my staff remain committed to helping visitors to Washington in any way we can.

I also participated in a press conference and a rally for immigration reform this week. Top-to-bottom immigration reform makes good fiscal sense and is also a defining moral issue of our day. It’s time to fix our broken immigration system and find a way to let people gain legal status by first securing the border, paying back taxes and fines, learning English, and beginning to integrate with our community if they are fine, upstanding contributors to our economy. It’s encouraging to see broad support for this important issue.

I joined faith leaders from across the state of California at a rally for immigration reform on Tuesday, October 8. 

This week I was able to meet with a large group of adoptive and foster parents in my office, as well as recognize Agape Villages of Manteca as “Angels in Adoption” at a national ceremony. Earlier this year, I nominated Agape Villages for the Angel in Adoption award recognizing their efforts to provide compassionate foster care for 10th district children. Thousands of children have benefitted from the dedication of Agape Villages; their work for the children of our community is inspirational and it was an honor to have the opportunity to nominate them for this prestigious award and to congratulate them in person at the national ceremony.

It was an honor to meet with Joann Beattie and Cheryl Youngblood of Agape Villages. 

I also met with constituents from American AgCredit in Turlock, Yosemite Farm Credit, which gave me my first agricultural loan when I started my farm. Many of you and your neighbors have benefitted by the work of the Farm Credit system, which knows and accommodates the needs of our farming community.

I gave the American AgCredit members a tour of the balcony outside my office.

Tomorrow I am proud to welcome to Washington D.C. thirty one WWII and Korean War veterans who have come to the Capital with the Northern California Honor Flight Program. The Honor Flight is a non-profit that provides free travel and lodging to our WWII, Korean War or terminally ill veterans who have not had the opportunity or the resources to visit the memorials built in their honor. America would not be what it is today without the heroism and sacrifice of these men and women who bravely served our country, and it will be a privilege to visit with them this weekend.

I was also pleased this week to welcome Jim Mayor and Dan Cook with the Rivers of Recovery Foundation. Rivers of Recovery hosts combat veterans on four-day, rehabilitation trips that take PTSD treatment out of a clinical setting. The success rate of the program has been extraordinary and should serve as a model for PTSD rehabilitation programs across the country.

Jim Mayor and Dan Cook from the Rivers of Recovery Foundation joined me in the Capitol building. 

The House of Representatives will be in session this weekend and during the Columbus Day holiday on Monday. Please feel free to contact our office during this period regarding any concerns or questions you have. I am working night and day to find the responsible fiscal solution to our current government shutdown. Please let me know if you have any concerns or suggestions.

I am honored to serve as your representative. Please continue to share your comments, concerns and questions with me – I work for you and I want to hear from you. To stay up to date with what I’m doing in Washington, D.C., please be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook or visit my website. You can also share our weekly newsletter with friends.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.