Congressman Denham Statement on Celebrating Thanksgiving

Nov 21, 2012

WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Representative Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) released the following statement in recognition of Thanksgiving Day to be observed tomorrow:

“This holiday season, it is especially important to remember with gratitude and look forward with hope.  I am thankful to live in a country where we can express ourselves so freely and without fear.  As we enjoy our time with family, I encourage you keep in mind those who are fighting courageously overseas for our nation. These men and women are sacrificing their time with their families to protect all we are thankful for.

“I am also thankful for the privilege of serving the Nineteenth District of California in the U.S. Congress, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve the newly drawn Tenth District for the next two years. On behalf of my wife, Sonia, and our family, I would like to thank all of you and wish you and yours a happy and safe Thanksgiving.”