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The levee is breaking, so who do you call? Not the...

A levee along a waterway that the State of California has jurisdiction is being breached. Who do you call for help while you scramble like the mythical Little Dutch Boy who plugged a hole in the dike with his finger until the cavalry arrived? ... Fei...


Denham Looks to Help

Congressman Jeff Denham — who has helped local agencies get the federal government to look at fish predation on the Stanislaus River instead of just releasing more and more water — is now vowing to do what he can to ease perennial flooding concerns s...


Farmers Save the Day

In the end, it wasn’t a state agency that saved the day and kept a section of the levee behind Hays Road from blowing wide open and flooding the homes hundreds of residents south of Manteca It was farmers. And they did it virtually all on their own. ...

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