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The 2018 Constituent Priorities Survey is closed, and I will be posting a new survey soon. But I want to know what's on your mind, so click here to contact me any time. Thank you!

What I'm working on:
Immigration Reform
I will continue to push my colleagues in Congress to act quickly to find a permanent solution to protect Dreamers, while working toward comprehensive immigration reform to ensure all immigrants are treated fairly. In addition to fixing our broken immigration system to offer pathways to citizenship for our Dreamers, we must enforce our laws, deport violent criminals preying on our communities, and secure and fortify our borders. 

My healthcare efforts in Congress have been dedicated to ensuring that doctors, palliative and hospice care providers, and medical students are incentivized to practice in rural communities all across the United States. The Central Valley faces a critical doctor shortage, and I will continue my efforts to pass legislation, such as my ACCESS Act and CARE Act, in order to effectively address these shortages.

The sacrifices that our brave servicemen and women made when they answered the call of duty can never be repaid. What we can give, and what we have promised to them, is the best care and service upon their return. As a veteran myself, I will continue to push for the completion of the French Camp Veterans Hospital and urge Congress to support our veterans through legislation to improve health care, education and work opportunities for our vets. I will also continue the fight to bring jobs to our veteran community as the founder and chairman of the Congressional Veterans Jobs Caucus.

Farm Bill
As one of the top producing agricultural areas in the nation, it is vital that we protect our farmers and farmland to keep the Central Valley productive for future generations. I will work to ensure that the 2018 Farm Bill will protect our specialty crops, maintain reliable crop insurance,  strengthen nutrition programs like SNAP, improve pest and disease detection and prevention, and ensure effective conservation efforts.

Tax Reform
Over the past few months, Congress was able to come together to pass badly-needed comprehensive tax reform to save individuals and businesses time and money and bring jobs back to our great nation. Thanks to the President’s signature on this historic bill, Americans will soon see the tangible results in money saved. I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass more key reforms and legislation in the new year. To learn more, please visit denham.house.gov/taxreform.

Water Storage
I am fighting to improve water storage in California through federal legislation that will cut through bureaucratic red tape to deliver clean drinking water to our communities and irrigation water to our farms. Water is absolutely critical to the Central Valley, and it is a top priority of mine to deliver water to the people who need it most.

Congress recently passed a Fiscal Year 2018 appropriations package, which included my amendment to support Runaway Youth Programs and Maternity Group Homes. With this amendment, important programs and facilities like the Modesto Center for Human Services will be able to continue operating to provide critical services for our community.