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All Americans deserve access to healthcare and to be in control of the type of care they receive. Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has proven to be far too costly and is not sustainable. The ACA is a knot of tangled legislation filled with loopholes, taxes, cumbersome regulations, and uniform policies that cannot be undone. I have supported and will continue to support its repeal and replacement with patient centered care that is best for all Americans.

I’ve heard from a lot of families that are very concerned about their health insurance, and I share their concerns. California – particularly the Central Valley – is unique and residents should be able to visit the doctor of their choice and be given the care that the doctor thinks is best.

It is important to know that unlike the ACA the replacement legislation will not be done in haste. In the 114th Congress alone more than 400 individual bills were introduced that sought to improve our nation’s failing healthcare system, including my own Seniors’ Right to Know Act. These bills inspired and laid critical groundwork for the ACA replacement plan. There will be change. But my commitment to you is to ensure an effective transition period.

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