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Congressman drops by for coffee


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Washington, October 10, 2018 | By Jeff Benziger, The Ceres Courier | comments
Congressman Jeff Denham showed up at Wednesday morning’s “Coffee With a Cop” event held at Farmer Boys in Ceres to visit with officers and police brass.


Denham talked about the disastrous effect the state’s proposed Bay Delta Plan would have on the valley. He said the director of the federal EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is expected to visit the 10th Congressional District to address “something unprecedented against the state.”


“The adverse effect of them holding this water back is that these late pulse flows, or this late flush of the water out to the ocean can tear down our levees and cause floods,” said Denham. “There is not another issue that would devastate the Valley like this. This is like complete devastation. If you take that much water away it not only shuts down the farms, but it’s our drinking water, it’s the hydro power. One out of every four years that Melones would be empty; that’s power for 250,000 homes. It’s unbelievable. People ask me why I’m so fired up and it’s because I’ve never seen anything this bad.”

Denham said the National Marine Fisheries (Service) is the linchpin of the plan.

“The National Marine Fisheries used to be for the ocean and now it’s monitoring our drains. They’re the ones who will have to implement it so that’s why we’ve got the president involved,” said Denham.

The state Water Resources Control Board is proposing to take up to 40 percent of the water in Don Pedro, New Melones and McClure reservoirs and flush it out to the Delta and bypassing use by farmers. While proponents of the plan say it’s about protecting species of fish and battling salt water intrusion into the Delta, others suspect it is a way to grab Northern California and pipe it to Southern California if Gov. Brown gets his way to build the Twin Tunnels.


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