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Denham chats with PHS students


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Washington, October 25, 2018 | By Joanne Marci, The Patterson Irrigator | comments

Intrigued, inquisitive and patient the Patterson High School Leadership team was as they awaited House of Representative Jeff Denham at the Patterson-Westley Chamber of Commerce recently. The students with Director Lozano were eager to talk to Denham. The California House of Representatives District 10 race is a crucial race for both the Democrats and the Republicans. The leadership team from PHS asked very good questions, such as: What brought you to public service? What do you feel about gun control? What are your thoughts about immigration? “The students asked at least 10 relevant questions. These questions ranged from the gas tax to gun control, water storage to the opioid addiction to the overreaching of large insurance companies.” said Mary Grove, a retired school teacher from Tracy.


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